Organization is KEY.

As an AD, I can’t stress this enough. And as ADs we are practically OCD or as outsiders would call us “anal about everything”.

Now aside from being the organizer on set, we have to be organized in the things we have and carry.

I use to just throw all my AD production stuff into a box and forget about it. Then the day before a production I would rummage through it and “re”-organize what I need.

Why that was stupid of me:

  1. Things can break and will be useless.
  2. Despite it being in a box, something always goes missing.
  3. It adds more wasted space to the all ready small space that I rent.
  4. No easy access

So I decided to do some cleaning/organizing.**

**I’m just gonna apologize in advance for the horrible photos. I don’t own a camera (I know the blasphemy!) and had to use my phone. The lighting sucks.


So I took my production bags and hang them against my closet door with two over-the-door hangers. I adjusted the straps so one was higher than the other.

I then started to place things in them in a manner that made sense to me. Things that I frequently use goes inside the bag that has easier access. But be careful because you don’t want to over stuff, if you use a lot of stuff then place them in the second bag but in a pouch/pocket where you can easily get it out.

I use an umbrella pouch to carry my personal pens, marker, highlighter, etc. The loop makes it easier for me to strap onto my belt. Instead of stuffing this into the bag I took a C47 (clothes pin) and pinned it to one of the bags.

I use an easter egg to carry small items such as paper clips and safety pins. This way it’s not hiding at the bottom and leaves your bag clutter free. If you want to even get more organized, get several and color code them to your desire.

I have a pencil bag to carry a crazy amount of extra pens, post it notes, and common tools. Again easy access, visible, and clutter free.

When I first started working on set, C47s were everyone’s best friend and it was also a good game to play with the crew to ease off the stress. I used a guys shaving bag to house them all. Get one with a loop this way it can hang on a C-stand and would be visible to the user.

I own a lot of pouches for some reason. Which I’m not complaining because it holds everything essential and attaches easily to my belt. If you don’t have a belt get a clasp hook (I can’t think of the proper name) this way it can hook onto your belt loop. If you at least don’t have belt loops on your pants you need to change clothes!!


I ride motorcycles so I was lucky enough to snag a motorcycle glove hanger* from my last pair of gloves. Instead of stuffing them in the bags I decided to hang them on the bag. This way if I’m not working as an AD all I need is my set glove and I’m good.

I found this “ribbon” that had velcro* on it and looped my gaff tape through. You can always use rope but my rope was busy holding all the rubber clamps together.

*No close up sorry.

Speaking of clamps, I realized that I barely bring my clamps to set. So I decided to make good use of them and used them as my belt hanger.

Now my closet isn’t bulky and provides more room for my personal stuff. If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know. I hope this helps.

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